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1Legion01/01/11***RentalFairly predictable, some gory moments and set up for a sequel
2Green Zone03/01/11****DVDAction packed take on the search for WMDs in Iraq
3Nine09/01/11****RentalGreat cast and musical numbers, more enjoyable than 8 1/2
4Love & Other Drugs10/01/11****CinemaGreat chemistry between the leads, funny and poignant
5The King's Speech16/01/11****CinemaMoving and funny with excellent performances from the whole cast
6Contact17/01/11*****RentalAn excellent alien contact plot, more intelligent than most
7Extract23/01/11***RentalFairly unsurprising comedy, some interesting characters
8Gamer28/01/11****RentalFun action thriller, excellent cast
9Fargo28/01/11**DVDI don't get on with Coen Brothers films, and this is no exception
10Black Swan30/01/11****CinemaDisturbing at times, beautiful at others, excellent cast
11Bound31/01/11***RentalA different sort of Mafia film
12The Piano09/02/11****RentalSeveral disturbing moments, but generally beautifully shot and uplifting
13An Education10/02/11****RentalCute, funny and mostly light hearted 1960s drama
14True Grit13/02/11****CinemaFunny, enjoyable and a great cast lead by an excellent young girl
15Sunburn14/02/11***YouTubeSweet and funny summer love movie
16The Hurt Locker15/02/11****RentalCompelling and full of edge of your seat tense moments
17Tangled20/02/11****CinemaMade me laugh a lot and cry a bit, sweet and clever
18Paul22/02/11****CinemaVery funny film filled to the brim with sci-fi references
19Magicians26/02/11***RentalFunny at times, fairly predictable
20In Bruges26/02/11****TVFun crime caper, great shots of Bruges and engaging characters
21Precious01/03/11***RentalHard going, some surprisingly light moments
22Due Date03/03/11***TVFunny but predictable
23Twilight: Eclipse05/03/11***RentalBest of the films so far, and better than the book as always
24The Adjustment Bureau14/03/11****CinemaClever, fun and romantic sci-fi
25Life After Death15/03/11***TVAn extended (and inferior) version of an episode of Dead Like Me
26Recount20/03/11****RentalCompelling dramatic retelling of the events during the 2000 Presidential election
27Fair Game21/03/11***CinemaAn interesting true story of corruption in the US, not overly compelling though
28Submarine30/03/11****CinemaSweet and funny coming of age story
29Cemetery Junction03/04/11***RentalA fun look at life in Reading in the early 70s
30Sucker Punch04/04/11****CinemaStunning to look at, engaging story (2nd trip: 06/04/11)
31A Time to Kill09/04/11****RentalDisturbing, thought provoking and moving
32Red Riding Hood18/04/11***CinemaA few good parts, a nice twist, but camera work too shaky
33The Three Musketeers23/04/11****RentalFun classic swashbuckling adventure, lots of laughs
34Moon24/04/11*****RentalVery clever, moving and at times funny
35Suck01/05/11**DVDVery cheesy, over the top vampire effects, but fun in a campy way
36The Proposal02/05/11****DVDPredictable but sweet and funny rom com
37Fright Night08/05/11***RentalFun 1980s vampire film
38Thor09/05/11****CinemaEpic mythic superhero, great effects and enjoyable
39Hanna15/05/11*****CinemaAnother excellent young girl out for revenge film
40Attack the Block20/05/11****CinemaFun and gory alien invasion story
41Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides23/05/11****CinemaAnother fun instalment in the Pirates franchise
42Whip It29/05/11****RentalGood fun girl making it in the big city story
43X Men: First Class01/06/11****CinemaA brilliant blend of true life historical events and superheroes
44Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 215/07/11*****CinemaAn excellent end to the epic series
45Horrible Bosses30/07/11***CinemaFairly typical comedy, with some disturbing moments

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