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1Only You05/01/10***DVDGood girly film, a bit of humour and a romantic if predictable end
2The Falcon and The Snowman12/01/10***RentalCompelling drama, a little different from the average spy thriller
3All The President's Men13/01/10****RentalFast paced and a great attention to detail, holds interest until the last moment
4Avatar14/01/10***CinemaStunning landscape and good premise, drags a little at times
5Daybreakers17/01/10*****CinemaFast paced and a bit different from the usual vampire films
6The Hunger25/01/10***RentalVery visual film, good to look at but ultimately plotless
7Carlito's Way27/01/10***RentalIn a similar vein to other mafia films, some excellent set pieces
8Fast Times at Ridgemont High06/02/10**RentalVery disjointed high school drama, dated and lacking direction
9Mystic River08/02/10****RentalShocking story and highly emotional, Sean Penn, Kevin Bacon and Tim Robbins excellent
10The Wolfman16/02/10****CinemaEnjoyable Victorian horror tale, good effects, jumpy at times and emotive
11P.S. I Love You17/02/10***DVDSlightly odd premise, a little comedic, some touching moments
12Burn After Reading27/02/10**RentalQuirky and madcap, but the point seemed to pass me by
13The Holiday28/02/10****RentalSweet and touching film with a lot of heart
14Wholey Moses28/02/10***OnlineQuirky indie short, could be expanded and built on
15Death Race07/03/10***RentalExtremely violent and engrossing, lacking plot
16Alice in Wonderland11/03/10****CinemaSome amazing performances in a suitably surreal adaptation
17Borat14/03/10**RentalVery few funny moments, pretty cringe worthy
18Underworld: Rise of the Lycans20/03/10****RentalExcellent prequel to Underworld, far superior to the previous sequel
19Fly Away Home21/03/10*****DVDSweet and moving tale, Anna Paquin in an early and brilliant role
20Chasing Ghosts22/03/10****DVDPainfully indie film, enjoyable even though the twist was obvious
21Ghost Town27/03/10***RentalInteresting premise, quite a few laughs but ultimately predictable
22Mirrors04/04/10***RentalQuite unsettling, a couple of jumpy moments and a little gore. A little muddled.
23Revolutionary Road11/04/10****RentalHarrowing at times, good to see Leo and Kate together again
24Kick Ass18/04/10*****CinemaGreat fun, very funny and Hit Girl steals the show.
25The Spirit19/04/10**RentalSlow, lacking coherent plot but visually interesting
26Taken25/04/10****RentalTense and disturbing, Liam Neeson an excellent action star
27Two Lovers01/05/10***RentalInteresting, Joaquim very good, slightly random
28Knowing08/05/10***RentalIntriguing premise, starts strong & shocking, conclusion disappointing
29Crank: High Voltage13/05/10****RentalRidiculously over the top premise, very violent but lots of fun
30Rachel Getting Married15/05/10****RentalFilmed in an almost documentary-style, very natural, funny and poignant
31Iron Man 218/05/10*****CinemaGreat fun, all actors (old and new) excellent
32Drag Me To Hell26/05/10***RentalA little tense and sickening in parts but not original or scary overall
33One Missed Call27/05/10****RentalShannyn Sossamon excellent, lots of suitably creepy elements & shocking deaths
34My Bloody Valentine05/06/10**RentalJensen Ackles good but film plot built around 3D effects rather than actual plot
35Blindness06/06/10*****RentalAn incredibly moving, shocking and clever film. The film managed to make me actually feel blind
36Twilight: New Moon23/06/10***RentalMost of the issues relate to source material, actually a pretty good film considering, and wolves!
37The Sin Eater24/06/10****RentalAnother good Heath Ledger/Shannyn Sossamon film, intriguing concept
38March of the Penguins27/06/10****TVEntertaining documentary that doesn't shy away from the tragic moments
39Jennifer's Body04/07/10****RentalDifferent from the usual teen slasher films, Amanda Seyfried excellent
40Shrek Forever After15/07/10****CinemaA strong ending to the Shrek saga
41Inception20/07/10*****CinemaFeels like a dream, incredibly elaborate and action packed, want to see it again!
42Toy Story 327/07/10*****CinemaTotally worth the 11 year wait since No.2! Funny, emotive, scary and stunning
43The Color Purple02/08/10****RentalMoving and engaging, several funny moments
44Aimée & Jaguar05/08/10****RentalAn angle on WWII that I'd not seen before, an amazing and moving true story
45Nosferatu (1922)07/08/10**TVGood for its time, but does not hold up well to modern eyes
46FAQ About Time Travel08/08/10*****RentalVery clever, funny and entertaining, a little mind bending as well
47The Sorcerer's Apprentice23/08/10***CinemaFairly typical of the wish fulfilment fantasy genre, but very funny and entertaining
48Dear John31/08/10****RentalSweet and touching love story, with plenty of interesting supporting characters
49Salt02/09/10****CinemaAngelina Jolie excellent in a role that would usually be played by a man
50Scott Pilgrim vs The World02/09/10*****CinemaGeeky, funny and action packed, probably should read the comic
51The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo06/09/10****RentalA less complex plot than the book, but the characterisations are spot on, another great Swedish film
52The Final Destination25/09/10**RentalThe effects are terrible, the premise ridiculous and the gore over the top, but it still scares me!
53The Ghost30/09/10****RentalAn intriguing thrill ride, some big shocks near and at the end
54Paranormal Activity13/10/10***RentalA slow build of tension throughout, gets very intense towards the end
55Coraline14/10/10****RentalBeautifully shot and full of child-like wonder
56The Social Network20/10/10****CinemaFast paced and fun interpretation of the origins of Facebook
57Letters to Juliet25/10/10****RentalSweet romantic drama, with a hint of Romeo and Juliet
58The Kids Are All Right05/11/10****CinemaA quite different comedy drama, excellent cast, interesting plot
59Thirst07/11/10***RentalVery twisted love story, quite dream-like with moments of gore
60The Princess Bride14/11/10*****RentalSweet and funny fantasy adventure classic
61I Love You Phillip Morris14/11/10****RentalJim Carrey and Ewan McGregor both excellent in this comedic and full of heart true story
62Highlander III: The Sorcerer24/11/10***RentalBetter than H2, copied a lot of the best moments of the original
63A Single Man04/12/10****DVDMoving and beautiful, Colin Firth excellent
64The Box05/12/10***RentalSlow moving sci-fi thriller, interesting premise
65He's Just Not That Into You05/12/10***RentalA great cast, lots of cute and funny moments, ultimately shallow
66Chloe17/12/10****RentalAmanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore's chemistry was amazing, a very dream-like feel
67Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 119/12/10****CinemaAction packed, but with funny and sad moments, need part 2!
68Conversations with Other Women26/12/10****RentalBeautifully made, quietly sensual, great chemistry between the leads
69Repo Men26/12/10****DVDStolen premise and a slightly cop out ending, but action packed and fun
70Burlesque27/12/10****CinemaGreat fun, great musical numbers and great cast

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