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1I is for InnocentSue Grafton02/01/11¦04/01/11****Keeps you guessing till the end, very twisty
RBlack BloodChristopher Pike04/01/11¦06/01/11***Much violence in this straightforward sequel
2The Quotable AtheistJack Huberman24/04/10¦25/01/11****Some real gems in this comprehensive collection
RServant of the BonesAnne Rice09/01/11¦23/01/11***Elaborate, I understand more since reading the bible
3J is for JudgementSue Grafton24/01/11¦27/01/11****Twisty and engaging till the last page
4The Little StrangerSarah Waters27/01/11¦30/01/11*****Another excellent novel from Sarah Waters, hard to put down
5Juliet, NakedNick Hornby30/01/11¦04/02/11****Classic Hornby, middle aged, music obsessed character inclusive
6The Murder ExhangeSimon Kernick31/01/11¦21/02/11***Violent and difficult at times, interesting story though
7Confessions of a ConjurorDerren Brown04/02/11¦05/02/11*****An incredible thought provoking, amusing and different autobiography
8Why Business People Speak Like IdiotsBrian Fugere et al06/02/11¦06/02/11***Interesting & amusing read - really geared toward get-ahead business execs
9Kiefer Sutherland: The BiographyLaura Jackson08/02/11¦10/02/11***Some interesting stories about Kiefer's life, not overtly insightful
10RogueRachel Vincent10/02/11¦11/02/11***Not overly original but a strong addition to the genre
11Night-Time is My TimeMary Higgins Clark12/02/11¦18/02/11***The mystery holds up until the very end
12K is for KillerSue Grafton19/02/11¦25/02/11****A darker mystery than previous tales in the series
RViolinAnne Rice23/02/11¦11/03/11***A reread but I remembered nothing at all, very elaborate and long winded
13Breaking DawnStephenie Meyer05/03/11¦06/03/11**Strangely addictive but ultimately very weak and hard to swallow
14While I Was GoneSue Miller08/03/11¦28/03/11***Complex and elaborate, ultimately unsatisfying
15Plum SpookyJanet Evanovich24/03/11¦29/03/11***Another odd between the numbers story
16Cold In HandJohn Harvey30/03/11¦13/04/11****Compelling and shocking UK-set mystery thriller
RRed DiceChristopher Pike03/04/11¦15/04/11***Some interesting plotlines that I don't remember from first reading
17L is for LawlessSue Grafton14/04/11¦26/04/11****Compelling mystery that took Kinsey further than normal
18The Last OracleJames Rollins17/04/11¦10/05/11***Interesting conspiracy story, very Da Vinci Code like
19Not Dead EnoughPeter James02/05/11¦10/05/11****Another excellent and disturbing book in the series
20Under The DomeStephen King11/05/11¦01/07/11****Incredibly epic and fast paced despite its length
21The Last GleamingJoss Whedon10/06/11¦14/06/11****Season 8 of Buffy draws to a close, look forward to 9!
RPandoraAnne Rice04/07/11¦27/07/11***The story of a minor character in the vampire chronicles
22From Dead to WorseCharlaine Harris21/07/11¦10/08/11****Another tale in Sookie's story
23The Girl who Played with FireStieg Larsson11/08/11¦13/09/11*****Couldn't put it down, shocking and thrilling, can't wait for number 3!
24SoullessGail Carriger19/09/11¦04/10/11*****A fun series that I look forward to reading more of
RPhantomChristopher Pike05/10/11¦12/10/11***The story continues in some disturbing ways
REvil ThirstChristopher Pike13/10/11¦18/10/11***More of the adventure
RCreatures of ForeverChristopher Pike18/10/11¦24/10/11***The story finishes (but now there's a new one!)
25Yes ManDanny Wallace24/10/11¦14/11/11*****Funny and entertaining book, very inspiring
26Cirque Du FreakDarren Shan15/11/11¦17/11/11***Interesting start to a teen vampire saga that isn't Twilight
27Heat WaveRichard Castle18/11/11¦29/11/11***Interesting to read the nook written by the lead character in Castle but hard to get in to
28The Grand DesignStephen Hawking29/11/11¦09/12/11*****Great book describing current thinking regarding how and why the universe is here
29The Hunger GamesSuzanne Collins09/12/11¦18/12/11*****Incredibly well written and suspenseful from beginning to end. Looking forward to the rest of the trilogy

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