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1Half Life20112011***
My first proper attempt at playing a video game. I had only messed around in The Sims or GTA before, and certainly never seriously considered finishing a game. I was introduced to Gordon Freeman, Valve and Rage Quitting all at once. Had to finish this using God Mode cheats, there was just no way I had the patience to stick with it while so many enemies wanted to kill me! Especially when there were the more modern sequels t play
I didn't want to have to wait to play Portal 1 & 2 so after Half Life I dived straight in to Portal rather than the Half Life sequels. Portal was brilliant, I loved the mechanics and despite a few rage quit moments it was generally less frustratingly impossible than Half Life. Finished with no cheats (not that they can help much!)
3Portal 220112011*****
Portal 2 has so much more to it than Portal, as well as the excellently engaging single player mode with potato GlaDOS and the quirky Wheatley, there is a fabulous 2 player Co-Op mode that can be returned to again and again thanks to the custom levels made by fans.
4Trine 220122012****
In a hunt for good Co-Op games, we came across this cute fantasy side-scroller. You can switch between the three characters at will, and we worked well together solving the puzzles and often laughing a lot!

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