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Having already played Trine 2, it seemed a good idea to pick up Trine as well. It was a definite downgrade, it had to be played on the same computer with multiple controllers, and only one person could be one of the three characters at a time which meant some puzzles were a little harder than in 2.
2Black Mesa02/02/1319/02/13***
Before I had a chance to play the actual sequels to Half Life, this fan made Source mod of the original game came out and I had to have a go. I was beset with problems though as it was incredibly tough (and caused me some motion sickness) but with a little God mode tweaking I'd soon finished it
3Half Life 221/02/1305/03/13****
Having played some Deathmatch which uses the same engine as HL2, it was a little easier to jump in to this sequel (after quick god mode run throughs of Half Life Opposing Force and Blue Shift). However, having been rather spoilt with the joys of Co-Op play, I ended up playing this with my boyfriend through the Synergy mod. It only caused a few bugs and together we got through to the end and I was set to play...
4Half Life 2: Episode 126/03/1322/04/13****
Co-Op play wasn't required for this instalment as I was accompanied the entire game by Alyx Vance who is very handy with her gun! Really enjoyed all of this game, only a couple of slightly frustrating moments but still playing without cheats!
5Half Life 2: Episode 224/04/1327/04/13***
I did not enjoy Ep2 as much as Ep1. The lack of Alyx's company for a start but there were also a lot of very tough enemies. I ended up using an infinite Rockets cheat in order to kill the striders at the end, the Magnusson Devices were just rubbish!
6Quantum ConundrumAprilAugust (gave up)**
Tries to be a cute kiddie version of Portal but without any of the solvability. In Portal it is often the case that it can take a while to work out the solution to a puzzle but once you know how to solve it you can, but in QC you can often see the solution but can't solve it due to the required twitch reflexes and no quick saving to help. Had to give up due to sheer frustration
This wasn't my first play through of a F.E.A.R. Franchise game, I had already played F.E.A.R. 3 in Co-Op as Fettel. This may have slightly coloured my impressions of the evil characters in Fear, but it was still a very scary game and I did pretty well battling through all the different areas. The end was a bit of an anti-climax but I was keen to play the rest of the franchise despite that!
8F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point01/09/1308/09/13***
It had a much darker and more intense feeling than F.E.A.R. despite being an expansion and in fact non-canon. There were a lot of very difficult enemies also, but my gaming abilities seem to have matured as I didn't once think to resort to cheats and managed to finish it.
9F.E.A.R.: Perseus Madate09/09/1317/09/13**
Another expansion, this time without anyone from the main plot, the game is definitely missing something when you don't have Fettel whispering in your ear all the time!
10F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin (inc F.E.A.R 2 Reborn)18/09/1305/10/13***
The one main game that you don't play as Pointman, and also entirely lacking Fettel. Plenty of uncovering more of Armachan's conspiracies and plots and atrocities. Reborn was actually more my thing, if really tough in a couple of places (and lacking quick save!) but it entirely revolved around Fettel and so was pretty enjoyable!
11F.E.A.R. 306/10/1308/10/13****
It was great fun to play this game a second time in Co-Op, the first time I played as Fettel but after playing all the previous games I was ready to play as Pointman, which was a totally different experience due to the differing play styles of the two characters. We finished it quite quickly and even got the other ending than we did before.
12Deadpool09/10/1301/11/13 (watched end on YouTube)**
Clever and fun gameplay though all the fighting descended into button mashing and there were no quick saving so the final battle became an exercise in frustration. I watched the end on YouTube and found I hadn't really missed much.
13Amnesia: The Dark Descent02/11/1305/12/13****
Probably the most intense game I've ever played, it has a good mix of quiet puzzle solving interspersed with sudden scares and adrenalin inducing runs from scary monsters. I tried out all three endings and preferred the 'Revenge' one
XMass Effect06/12/13Not finished in 2013
14Scribblenauts Unlimited08/12/1324/12/13***
Fun game with mostly easy puzzles, but just occasionally there are problems with no obvious solution. Sometimes the issue is not knowing what Americans call things, but sometimes the clues are just a little too ambiguous. Many highly amusing moments and easy to complete.

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