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1Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows04/01/14****DownloadFun sequel, Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law have great chemistry and the mysteries were compelling and engaging.
2Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 210/01/14**DownloadTotally unnecessary second part of Breaking Dawn, very little actually happens in the 2 hour running time, not even a fight scene in the end (except in a dream)
3Iron Man 311/01/14****DownloadAnother excellent Marvel outing for Iron Man/Tony Stark. I'll be interested to see how they bring him back in for Avengers 2 after that ending!
4The Cabin in the Woods12/01/14****DownloadDo not read any reviews or summaries or anything before seeing this - it turns everything you expect completely on its head and messes with yours while it's at it.
5The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug19/01/14*****CinemaI enjoyed this instalment a lot more than the first, probably partly because I didn't fall asleep this time so could follow the plot a lot better - some great moments, both funny and tragic
6Legally Blonde 214/02/14***DownloadJust as fun as the first, though definitely lacking something that the first one had
7Hysteria23/03/14*****DownloadBeautifully made, wonderful cast and a really thought provoking look at the beginnings of the vibrator
8Silver Linings Playbook29/03/14***DownloadHard going at times, but plenty of humour and great chemistry between the leads that kept it going. Sort of a gender swapped modern take on Dirty Dancing.
9Frozen13/04/14****DownloadAnother princess mould breaking Disney movie, with the girls rescuing themselves and having a meaningful relationship as sisters. Funny, sweet and very beautifully made
10Timer31/05/14****DownloadCute and different Rom-Com, with a sci-fi premise and lots to ponder about destiny
11Mean Girls06/06/14****DownloadFun satire of high school comedies, Lindsey Lohan at her prime
12X Men: Days of Future Past15/06/14****CinemaAnother action packed X Men film - interesting time travel based plot
13Megamind28/08/14****DownloadA fun twist on the usual superhero vs supervillain story - relatable characters and very engaging
14Thor: The Dark World07/09/14****DownloadAnother fun instalment of the adventures of Thor, plenty of funny moments in amongst the action and set up for a third film.
15Captain America: The Winter Soldier28/09/14****DownloadBetter than the first as the character is more established, seems set up for the next Avengers.
16Pacific Rim01/11/14*****DownloadA really fun and different take on the usual 'massive monster rampaging' plot, exhilarating, great characters and hugely enjoyable
17The Guardians of the Galaxy25/12/14*****DownloadFunny, exciting and a great introduction to a lesser-known Marvel property. Also: Groot!

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