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1Mass EffectSTARTED in 201321/02/15****
Really hard to get into, ridiculous learning curve and several frustrating moments that could have major repercussions for the rest of the trilogy. But the general feel and story line was very engaging once I got more involved
2CircuitsSTARTED in 2014
3Saints Row: The Third 31/12/1425/01/15****
Really fun to play in co-op, although you are both playing the same character just with different skins and clothes!
4Mass Effect 221/02/1507/06/15****
I preferred this to Mass Effect 1, the romance felt more real and the plot engaging!
5Mass Effect 314/06/1527/06/15*****
Most of the engagement came from the excellent DLCs, but the main game was also incredibly deep and hard to tear away from until the final moments
6Goat Simulator10/04/1517/04/15***
The joke comes from the bugs but it wears thin very quickly
7The Stanley Parable27/06/1527/06/15***
The demo was very original, but the joke does start to wear a little thin as time goes on.
8Portal Stories: Mel29/06/15UNFINSHED***
Loads of original content, but very tough going
9Hatoful Boyfriend04/08/1514/08/15**
Rather silly dating sim with limited replayability
10Saints Row IV13/09/15
Buggy and impossible to finish
I enjoyed what I played, but it is a hard game to get back into so after a while I stopped feeling motivated to go back to it
13Ibb and Obb24/11/15
15 Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist09/12/1509/12/15***
From the creator of Stanley Parable, a very random adventure!
16 The Beginners Guide13/03/1613/03/16****
Hard to describe, you should just play it!
17Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons23/04/1626/04/16****
Beautiful game, heart wrenching and challenging but fun mechanics and puzzles
18Deus Ex19/06/1617/07/16****
Frustrating at times, especially with lack of ammo and some non-obvious ways to progress but the plot is compelling and the characters have potential (though bad voice acting lets them down!)
19Deus Ex: Human Revolution27/07/1612/08/16****
The mechanics are a lot of fun, especially take downs and other animations - interesting more personal story line though the just pressing a button for an ending thing lets it down
20Deus Ex: Mankind Divided23/08/16

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