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1Avengers: Age of Ultron02/05/2015*****CinemaMarvel does it again with this superhero epic, some characters don't get what they deserve but generally fun and thrilling
2Ant-Man01/08/2015****CinemaFun introduction to a lesser known hero from the Marvel Universe.
3Star Wars: The Force Awakens17/12/2015*****CinemaBrilliant return to form for the Star Wars franchise
4Quigley Down Under17/01/2016****DownloadFun and engaging wild-west adventure with a few excellent actors and great native people representation
5Deadpool10/02/2016*****CinemaMy first midnight screening and after waiting 5+ years to see Deadpool done properly on the big screen I wasn't disappointed at all. Will be seeing again and again and is probably my new favourite movie of all time!
6Ghostbusters01/08/2016****CinemaA fun remake of the original!
7American Mary25/12/2016***DownloadRather twisted and stylised with a plot that jumps around a lot. Katherine Isabelle is amazing
8Song of the Sea28/01/2017*****DownloadBeautifully made, wonderful characters and very emotional
9Vampire Academy24/02/17****DownloadFun and different teen vampire drama
10Carol11/03/17****DownloadSlow in places but otherwise engaging and great characters
11Mad Max Fury Road13/04/17****DownloadSuperficially it's a fun movie with impressive stunts and breathtaking sights but it also has a lot to say about oppression and power
12Rogue One: A Star Wars Story16/04/17*****DownloadNot just a play by play filling in the gaps between Ep3 and Ep4 but also packed full of varied characters and situations
13How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town16/04/17****DownloadGenuine characters and despite several awkward moments, it is a genuinely funny and sex positive comedy
14What We Do in the Shadows23/04/17****DownloadA great parody of a variety of supernatural tropes in a funny mockumentary style
15The Handmaiden06/05/17*****DownloadA beautiful translation of Sarah Water's Fingersmith, the lead actors are wonderful and the twists surprising
16Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 07/05/17****CinemaLots of fun, great action, some emotional moments and Baby Groot stole every scene! Do not leave before the screen goes black and the lights come up!
17The Hunger Games: Catching Fire14/05/17***DownloadA bit repetitive and has several easily exhanged pretty white boys, mostly a set up for the final movie(s)
18 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 118/05/17***StreamingAnother movie series with the final film split into two, the action is tight and having just recently read the book it's easy to make comparisons with the choices the movie makes, but it is mostly true to the book.
19The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 220/05/17***StreamingSkips large swathes of the book but still action packed and emotional.
20Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge25/05/17**CinemaMore of the same, kinda silly and Johnny Depp is just phoning it in at this point
21Wonder Woman01/06/17*****CinemaGripping and fun, it's great to finally see a female superhero done justice!
22Baby Driver30/06/17****CinemaFun action sequences, good plot and phenomenal sound design
23Adult Life Skills17/07/17***StreamingQuirky and unexpectedly sad, though also quite uplifting
24Captain America:
Civil War
20/07/17***DownloadNot the best Avengers movie but lots of cool character moments
25Jupiter Ascending28/07/17***StreamingSomewhat lacking plot, and a little repetitive but also somewhat unique
26Pride30/07/17*****TVAmazing true story, funny, sweet, tear-jerking and very British
27Spider-Man: Homecoming01/08/17****CinemaLots of fun, Tom Holland may be the best Spider-Man so far!
28Atomic Blonde11/08/17*****CinemaEngaging, fun, surprising, twisty and so bi!

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